Change is inevitable. With the constant development of new technologies emerge and companies that want to lead and stay on top of the market, need to keep up with them. The EBNER Academy contributes to the qualification of your engineers, technicians and operators with seminars, workshops and training courses. We backup you on current topics and technology in the fields of software, processes, automation systems and heating know-how.

As a corporation, you secure your economic success by investing in training and further education for your employees. You promote the knowledge as well as the motivation and commitment of your workforces which in turn strengthens your efficiency and global competitiveness.

EBNER is market leader with its HICON® furnaces for heat treatment of steel, aluminum and copper-base metals and supplies the industry with state-of-the-art technology. Make EBNER Academy your long-term partner and companion, the common goal is your enduring and solid development.


EBNER Academy´s educational opportunities range from one day seminars to long-term trainings. Whether your focus is on steel, aluminum or copper- base metals, we are capable to train maintenance, production or planning operations with specified qualification programs tailored to your specific needs designed for company, your manufacturing and engineering team.



Trainings are specifically relevant for employees and their job descriptions within the fields of heat treatment of aluminum, steel and copper-based metals, and provide a range of excellent skills to address the daily challenges in their jobs. EBNER Academy is specifically equipped to simulate a focused real live work experience.



In the course of its successful 70-year history, EBNER has built up a highly efficient and professional network with exclusive partners from a wide variety of business fields.

The focus of the cooperation is therefore on joint development activities and unique solutions for diverse processes and high product quality.

In the EBNER Academy as well as at the partners’ facilities, various laboratories of several fields of expertise are available, offering, for example, casting systems, heating and annealing systems, and 3D printers for experimental applications and software.

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Gautschi Engineering has been an innovative supplier of equipment for the aluminium industry for 98 years. Our circular melting furnaces, pusher furnaces and airglide billet casting machines are good examples of this.

GNA is a world leader in the design and construction of furnaces and plants for the aluminium industry, melting and holding furnaces, homogenising, annealing and heat treatment furnaces, cathode sealing plants and related machinery.

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For more than 30 years, customers worldwide have trusted our products and expertise. HPI is active in the development, engineering, manufacture and supply of turnkey plants for the light metal industry.